Back to School Writing Craft Refresher


It’s September 1st! Last week I blogged about how I was getting ready for a new year. To continue that theme, this week I’m brushing up on writing craft skills I acquired last year. Because everyone knows the first week of school is all about re-remembering what you forgot over the summer…

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Outlining – Method 1: Basic Story Beats

It’s always good to brush up on story structure. This post delves into 15 basic beats every story needs.

Is That A Scene?

Here’s a quick and easy flowchart to see if what you wrote really is a scene! Just answer YES or NO and follow the arrows.

How To Story Edit Using the Basic Story Beats

Knowing story structure helps so much in editing! Here are 6 questions to ask about your story to identify the weak spots. Even though I wrote this list, I must constantly remind myself about #3: Have I set up a protagonist who needs to change? I have a serious problem starting off with heroines that are too capable.

How To Write A Logline

Summing up your story in one sentence is such a valuable skill. Can you remember this simple equation to create a logline?

Does Your Story Have Stakes?

As stories evolve and plots change, sometimes we writers lose sight of the stakes. Here are 6 questions to ask to make sure your story has “primal” stakes.

Alright, are you ready? I am! Bring it on, new year!

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