Gone Writing!


Hello! So we are a little swamped and burnt out over here at WriteOnSisters, and we’ve decided we need to take a break from blogging and concentrate on our fiction writing until the new year. Most of you might be in similar situations – writing your fingers off for NaNoWriMo, and then bustling about for …

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15 Story Beats to Keep Your NaNoWriMo Novel on Track


Regardless of whether you’re a plotter or pantser, you might come to a place mid-month where your story feels like it’s gone off the rails. A lot of people will tell you to plow through! Just keep writing! It’ll work itself out! But I think better advice is to check in with your basic story beats. It …

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4 Visual Tricks for Writers Who Want To Rock NaNoWriMo

Are you entering National Novel Writing Month in November? If you answered yes, the odds are 50/50 you’re doing some planning this month. If not hardcore plotting, at least making notes and brainstorming your story. I’ve done NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNo many times and I’ve won my fair share. For me, planning is the best …

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Plotters vs Pantsers: Are We Really That Different?


Ever since I learned the terms “pantser and plotter”, I’ve identified as a plotter (someone who outlines a story before writing a manuscript). To me, sitting down to write a whole book without an outline (i.e. the pantser method) is impossible. And now it’s time for a confession: pantsers make me feel stupid. Why can’t …

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How to Write Respectful Reviews


Writing book reviews is always a hot topic with writers. We realize reviews can make or break book sales, but as reviewers there are times we just can’t offer a glowing recommendation. What then? Do we stay mum? Or write honestly and hope for minimal fallout? Heather and I have always embraced the write-an-honest review …

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The Princess Bride Gender-Swapped!


Confession: I saw The Princess Bride for the first time last weekend. I know, I know, my childhood was lacking. There was only one movie theatre with one tiny screen in my town, and my parents said we were too poor to see movies in a theatre. So yeah. Fast forward 29 years later, and …

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The Princess Bride: A Frame Narrative Worth Studying


Grab your black mask, strap on a sword and beware of Iocane powder. Westley, Buttercup and the rest of the Brute Squad are romancing the blogosphere with THE PRINCESS BRIDE Linkup Party. This weekend blogs everywhere will be sharing their favorite bits and bobs about the movie and the book. You’re invited to take part …

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ICYMI: Emotional MidPoints, Character Name Tricks, + Princess Bride Party!


Hello! We are still here and blogging! Alas, Jetpack was giving us trouble and not sending emails to our lovely subscribers. So we thought we’d better recap the last two weeks. First… We’re hosting a Princess Bride Linkup Party! It’s next weekend! Why? Because FUN! And also on September 25th, three decades less a year ago, The …

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3 Tricks for Character Names


For a long time I hated naming my characters. No sooner did I settle on a name and I would realize another book (or three) used the same name. The main reason I got myself into this renaming mess was because I followed some widely accepted writing advice, I used charts of popular baby names …

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The Hero’s Emotional Midpoint


This week I’m honing the middle of my WIP, so it’s time to dust off the Archives and refresh my knowledge on a story’s midpoint… Originally posted on Aug. 4, 2014. Updated and reposted on Sept. 5, 2016. Awhile ago I wrote about Mapping the Mushy Middle of a story. This is a plot-centric approach to …

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