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  1. Gene'O

    Since I’m over here, and haven’t left a comment on your about page yet (how did that happen?) and Margarita asked you a technical question, I’ll ask you one, too.

    I can’t reblog you. And you are frequently rebloggable. Is that by your own design, a thing that just occurs between the divide, or perhaps something you can fix with an admin setting and it’s just that no one ever asked you before?

    I reblog on my writing blog every Monday. It’s a feature. And I always take a look at WoS! on mondays, even when I don’t comment.


      Hi Gene’O,
      Thanks for bring this, you are in fact the first person to ask us. There are many things you can do in that you can’t do when you self host. My guess is this might be one of those things. However, I will do some research and get back to you. Robin

      1. Gene'O

        Fabulous! Curious to know what to come up with. I’ve seen incompatibility problems with self-hosting before, and it’s a hurdle for bloggers who are just getting started and could benefit from integration with either or .org. Since mine are just free sites, I can’t really see whats going on with them, but I’m cataloging problems (and solutions when I find them) for future reference.

  2. Margarita Morris

    I – just wondering why it is, that when I click Like on one of your blog posts my gravatar doesn’t appear properly. I don’t have this problem on other WordPress blogs. Thanks.

    1. Heather Jackson

      Eek! I don’t know, but when Robin is back from vacation she will look into it! Thanks for your patience.


      Hi Margarita, I’ve been gone for a week, but I’m home now and I’ve done some work this morning on the site. Fingers crossed that I’ve fixed this bug. Thanks for letting me know. It’s Very helpful!

      1. Margarita Morris

        Thanks for looking into this. I just tried liking the Reading for Writers 101 post and it still doesn’t work, but maybe, as Gene’O, suggests there’s a divide between and Although, when I comment (as now) it recognises me and uses my gravatar. Don’t you just love technology!

        1. Robin Rivera

          I will keep working on this Margarita. Tech support emails are in the pipeline.

          1. Margarita Morris

            Yay! I just liked a post and my gravatar image popped up, so it’s working now. Well done for sorting that out 🙂


              Thanks for telling us Margarita. I’m glad it all worked this time.

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