Princess Bride Linkup Party FAQ

Princess Bride Linkup Party_ InconceivableAnnouncing The Princess Bride Linkup Party!

When: September 24 & 25, 2016

Why: We wanted to create this party so everyone would have the chance to share their thoughts and opinions on the great storytelling in THE PRINCESS BRIDE. *

How to take part: Choose the book, the movie or compare the two and create a blog post for your own blog. All blog posts related to any aspect of THE PRINCESS BRIDE are welcome. Come back to starting on September 24 to add your blog link on our linky at the bottom of this post so everyone can find you.

Enjoy the party: Take time to visit other bloggers and read what they have to say about THE PRINCESS BRIDE.

Share the love: Use the hashtag #PrincessBrideParty to spread the word.


A Princess Bride Linkup Party_FAQ:

Q: Why did you pick this date?

A: September 25, 1987 was the original limited opening release weekend for the film. It opened in just 9 theaters and made about $206,000.00 in US dollars. The film only found its major success after it was released for home viewing.
Hands up if you own more than one copy! Robin has three.

Q:What should I write about?

A: Anything related to THE PRINCESS BRIDE, book or movie is fair game.
Suggestions include:

  • Do a character study. Was Prince Humperdinck just misunderstood?

  • Do you cringe at one of the stereotypes or tropes represented in the story?

  • Talk about the setting. Some of the sets are real, some were created, some were enhanced with movie magic.

  • Did thinking about the story as an adult make you think think twice?

  • Do some industrious fact checking. Iocane powder anyone?

  • Pick a scene apart. Show us how it was constructed, could it have been done better? Or was it perfect the way it was?

  • The movie will be 30 years old next year. Why are we still talking about it?

Q: How do I add my blog link?

A: You can’t add links until the party starts. On September 24, 1:00 AM PST the link system will open up and it will remain open all weekend.  You will find the place to add your blog link on our home page.

Q: How can I promote my participation in the Princess Bride Party now?

A: Grab one of our graphics and feature it on your sidebar or on any social media you like. We are also using the hashtag #PrincessBrideParty to help people find each other and start taking about the party in advance.


By the GateTHE PRINCESS BRIDE Movie Trivia:

  • The music for the film was written by Mark Knopfler, of the Dire Straits.

    It was nominated for only one Academy Award: Best Original Song, Storybook Love.

    It didn’t win.

  • They considered using Arnold Schwarzenegger to play Fezzik, but he proved too costly and they gave the role to André The Giant.

  • Billy Crystal (who played Miracle Max) pretty much wrote all his own lines and rewrote them at will. He told so many fresh jokes at every single take that even the stars couldn’t stop laughing. One of them even claims he bruised a rib laughing too hard.

    “Why don’t you give me a nice paper cut to pour lemon juice on it!”

  • Mandy Patinkin and Cary Elwes (Montoya and Westley) did all their own fencing, and there were some minor injuries as a result.

Test your movie knowledge here.

Need even more? Check out our PRINCESS BRIDE Pinterest board for cool crafts and amazing tips for throwing your own themed screening party.

So long, folks, and have fun storming the castle!

* Rodents of Unusual Size not invited.PrincessBride ROUS

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    1. A soul sister!
      I’ve only got one paperback book copy and one Kindle copy, but your edition with the gold edging sounds fantastic. I’ll be looking for that one.
      Make sure you spread the word about the linkup. We have some great blogs pledged so far, but the more merrier.

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