Friday Inspiration: Five Romantic Treats for Valentine’s Day

Love! Is there a more powerful force in the universe?

As writers, we often need to tap into our deepest emotions, dredging for the painful, as well as the pleasant. Love manages to deliver both extremes. Devastating breakups. Giddy whirlwind infatuations. Love eludes, entangles, and enriches our lives like no other human condition.

Today for Valentine’s Day, I want to share five of my favorite romantic treats. Try just one, or binge for a day sugar-coated in love.

Nibble some chocolate:cacao-extra-dark-scharffen-berger-chocolate web

Chocolate, it’s a Valentine’s Day tradition for a reason. Please make mine Scharffen Berger, and darker than the heart of the guy that dumped me in high school.


Listen to some sonnets, for when it comes to love … The Bard’s the best:
I always marvel at the level of Shakespeare’s output, as well as the diversity of his bounty. I own the sonnets read by Sir John Gielgud, and nothing captures my heart like the best prose in history paired with the eloquent delivery of a master thespian.

princess_bride_poster_art web

Watch a romantic comedy:
The Princess Bride
is a DVD staple in our house. It has enough swordplay and comic gags to keep the kids happy, but at its core it’s still a love story.   

Share someplace beautiful with a friend:
Mother Nature often thwarts my need to soak up some winter sun, but if I’m blessed with a clear day, I grab a loved one or two and seek out a breathtaking view. If I can’t go outside, I go inside and visit a museum. There’s nothing like letting some gorgeous art wrap me in decadent colors to make me feel special.  

Curl up with a couple of page-trapped lovebirds:TT Wife Web
If you read my blogs you know I don’t read much romance, but I will step outside of my comfort zone and suggest the Time Traveler’s Wife. For one thing, it’s a wonderfully written novel, never predictable, and with the sort of bittersweet moments that make it moving, but never sappy. 

I hope you all find someone to cherish today. And that your loved one will return your favor, now and forever.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Author: Robin Rivera

Robin trained as a professional historian and worked as a museum curator, educator, and historical consultant. She writes mystery fiction, with diverse characters and a touch of snark. She's currently working on two new manuscripts that started off as NaNoWriMo projects. You can follow her on Facebook( However, Pinterest ( is where her inner magpie is happiest of all.

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