Masterplots Theater (A-Z)

The WriteOnSisters completed the A-Z Challenge 3 years running. In 2014 it was a catch-all of writing topics, in 2015 it was BLASTOFF! to Stellar Writing full of simple 3-step tips to improve your writing, and in 2016 it was Masterplots Theater outlining a ton of different archetypal plots and how to master them. Below is a list (with links) to all. Enjoy!

2016 – Masterplots Theater

A-Z Theme Reveal + Productivity TipsMasterplots Theater

A is for Adventure

B is for Buddy Love

C is for Chosen One

D is for Dystopia

E is for Escape

F is for Fool Triumphant

G is for Gothic

H is for Happily-Ever-After

I is for Institutionalized

J is for Journal

K is for Kinsmen

L is for Love Story

M is for Metamorphosis

N is for Nemesis

O is for Out of the Bottle

P is for Pursuit

Q is for Quest

R is for Rite of Passage

S is for Sacrifice

T is for Thriller

U is for Unrequited Love

V is for Vengeance

W is for Wretched Excess

X is for X Meets Y (Genre Mashups)

Y is for Yarn

Z is for Zoomorphic

2015 – BLASTOFF to Stellar Writing!


A is for Antagonist

B is for Backstory

C is for Character Change

D is for Dialogue

E is for External Conflict

F is for False Stakes

G is for Genre

H is for Heroes

I is for Internal Conflict

J is for Juxtaposition

K is for Kittens!

L is for Laughs

M is for Midpoint

N is for Narrative

O is for Outlines

P is for Pinch Points

Q is for Questions

R is for Reversal

S is for Sins

T is for Trello

U is for Unreliable Narrators

V is for Vocabulary

W is for Writer Wellbeing

X is for X-Ray

Y is for Young Adult Fiction

Z is for Zymurgy

Blogging From A to Z Mission Debriefing

2014 A-Z Challenge

A – Anthropology And Culture In Service To The Novel

B – Books and Boys

C – Creative Writing Prompts: What if…?

D – Friday Inspiration: D is for Dreams as Inspiration

E – Empathy

F – Dropping the F-Bomb in YA Lit

G – Gender Questions: Why Can’t A Woman Write More Like A Man?

H – Historical Fiction: 3 Tips for Leaving the Slush Pile Behind

I – I is for Improvement: THE BOOKSHELF MUSE

J – Jewish Secrets From A Yiddishe Mama

K – K is for Kindred Spirits: My Writer Pals

L – Love in YA – The Problem with Insta-Love

M – Mixing Genres: Are We Committing Career Suicide?

N – Nightstalkers and Nightmares

O – Originality: Building the Unique World

P – Pro the Prologue or Against?

Q – Casting Call: Queens, The Archetype of Female Power

R – Reading Overload in the Information Age

S – Surprising, Sensational and Strange, it’s Nature!

T – Team, Twitterific and Talent

U – U for UnderCovers: Writing the Erotic Romance

V – Friday Inspirations: V is for Vicariously Living Through Books

W – What We’re Reading: “W” is for Wicked

X – X-Rated: Should YA Books Have a Rating System?

Y – The Yeti Inside My Brain!

Z – Zippos, Zippers and Zeppelins, oh my! Trademark Tips for Writers

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